We guarantee personal commitment from all the team at Fahrschule Ukena. We have many years of experience and are renowned for our friendly and dedicated approach which will help you enjoy your learning experience!

and Falko, our English-speaking instructors will quickly put you at ease as he guides and supports you towards success in your driving examination. Mike’s calm and understanding approach will enable you to build your confidence from an early stage and with his knowledge, experience and influence you will very soon learn to enjoy your driving.

We only use high quality, modern and easy to drive vehicles, all of which are equipped with dual pedals for your additional peace of mind. Clients learning to ride a motor cycle are of course accompanied by a qualified instructor on an additional motorcycle.

We teach driving licence categories AM, A, A1, A2, B and BE and and can also teach clients who prefer to drive vehicles fitted with automatic transmission.
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for further information on categories, definitions and the minimum age requirements for each category.

We can provide refresher lessons for drivers who may lack confidence in a particular area of their driving technique e.g. Motorway driving or night-time driving. 

To change your driver licence is also possible with us and we can tell you how! Mostly it's required to clear questions with the administration. Non-EU Nationals may, depending on the existing agreement between their country of origin and Germany, be required to resit the driving test.

Our accelerated theoretical courses are in high demand, but you can also take part in a 'normal one'.©Jürgen Klopp

There is no such thing as a “standard number of lessons”. Much will depend on the Client’s own ability and the speed at which you learn and show confidence on the road. Where a driving licence is already held in a category this will influence the type and length of instruction required.

Here is our appointment calender for theoretical classes in 2018


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